BioWare book will chronicle 25 years of games

Just don't expect any shocking revelations from an official title.

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Did you practically grow up with BioWare games? If so, there will soon be a book to help you reminisce. The studio is preparing BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development, a retrospective book that will discuss "key moments" in the company's history while showing previously unseen artwork and photos. You can also expect tidbits regarding "secret, cancelled" game projects. This might shed light on how Mass Effect characters came to be, or help you wax nostalgic about playing the original Baldur's Gate or MDK titles ("good gravy, that's Edmonton!").

The hardcover book should be available from Dark Horse Books on October 13th for $40.

This could be a fascinating read if you're a longtime fan. With that said, its official nature suggests you might not hear some of the juiciest tales from BioWare. You probably won't get all the sordid details of Anthem's troubled development, for instance, or hear much about any tensions between BioWare and EA. So long as you aren't anticipating an exposé, though, this may be a satisfying read.

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