Epic will publish games from Remedy, Playdead and genDESIGN

The company won't push for creative control as part of the agreements.

What do when you're the creator of one of the most profitable games in the world? For Fortnite developer Epic Games, the answer it turns out is to help other studios work on their next projects. Today, the company announced it has signed publishing agreements with Remedy Entertainment, Playdead and genDESIGN. Between those three studios, they've made some of the most highly acclaimed games in the past few years, including The Last Guardian, Inside, Limbo and Control.

Like it did with the Epic Games Store, Epic is positioning its latest venture as something that's friendly to developers. It says studios it works with will retain all of their intellectual property rights, which means they'll be able to continue working on a series even if they part ways with Epic. They'll also have full creative control over the direction of their games. Epic says it will cover up to 100 percent of the costs of developing a title, including paying for things like quality assurance, localization and marketing. Once a game has recouped its development costs, the company will split profits 50/50.

"We're building the publishing model we always wanted for ourselves when we worked with publishers," said Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, in a statement.

As for what we can expect from the three studios, we know Remedy is working on two new games. The first is a multiplatform AAA title, while the second is a "smaller-scale project set in the same franchise." We'll likely learn more about what Remedy and the other two studios are working on in the coming weeks and months. Perhaps the most exciting part of this announcement is that Fumito Ueda's next game will be available on more than just one platform.