Apple TV Channels offers free Epix until May 2nd without signing up

There are also extended trials for Showtime, A&E and other networks.

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Apple is joining Roku and others in offering free access to premium TV, albeit with a slight twist. From now until May 2nd, Apple TV Channels is making Epix content free to watch without a subscription -- you won't have to sign up for a trial and risk racking up charges later. You'll also see extended, month-long trials for a host of familiar services that include Showtime, A&E, History Channel Vault and Smithsonian Channel Plus.

You'll need a device with the Apple TV app, although it's easier to find than it has been in the past. This is both about giving people material to watch during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as making a case for Apple TV Channels (and the services inside it) to people who might not have even considered it before.

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