Become an Adobe Creative Cloud genius for only $30

This course bundle has over 59 hours of instructional content, making it ideal for any creative to have on hand.

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October 17th, 2021
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Every digital creative should have at least some understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud: This suite of software has long been the standard in industries ranging from advertising and marketing to publishing. Even if your job only requires you to use a couple of the programs on a daily basis, it’s always good to know how to solve problems and create show-stopping visuals when a project calls for it.

Adobe Creative Cloud is such a relied-upon suite because of all it can do, which includes editing photos and videos, creating vector graphics, designing user interfaces and much more. But all of that functionality also makes it tough to learn, as each app contains hundreds of features. Don’t try to sort it all out yourself; just get the aptly named Epic 2022 Adobe Create Cloud Training Bundle. This course collection is ideal for any creative to have on hand, arming you with an arsenal of how-tos for beginner- to advanced-level activities across programs.

Whatever you need to use from this robust suite, there’s a course for that. Learn to use Photoshop like a professional designer with intel on the basic and advanced tools such as brushes, elements, patterns and more. Master the art of Adobe XD, a particularly great skill set for those working in user interfaces. Become a UX designer in no time with lectures and content on creating paper wireframes, animating web pages and ensuring your design is responsive on different devices.

Become a pro animator with lessons on After Effects, the program you’ll use to create motion graphics (and, of course, animation). Appropriate for designers of all levels, you’ll get comfortable with the basics before moving onto advanced skills. There are also a couple of comprehensive courses on Adobe Illustrator, which take you from entry-level concepts (basic tools and functions) to employable skills (master depth, perception and create incredible charts for InDesign docs).

Whether you’re already a graphic designer or hope to become one, don’t miss this discounted chance to get schooled in an important suite of software. Get the Epic 2022 Adobe Create Cloud Training Bundle for $30, or just over $4 per course.

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