Adobe Premiere Pro now runs natively on M1 Macs

The Apple Silicon version of the app is faster and drains less battery.


Following a beta release in December, Premiere Pro now officially supports M1 Macs. “From launch times to export, everything is faster, and editing is buttery smooth,” Adobe says of the native Apple Silicon version of its video editing software. The company adds that Adobe Sensei features like Auto Reframe feel “noticeably” faster and that the app uses significantly less battery power on M1 Macs.

While Apple has only offered computers with its own ARM-based chips since November of last year, Adobe has been quick to support the platform. In December, it came out with an Apple Silicon version of Lightroom and followed that up in March with a native release of Photoshop. With today’s announcement, you don’t need to turn to Rosetta 2 to emulate most of the company’s most popular apps. Premiere Pro’s July update also includes a handful of features you don’t need a new Mac to appreciate. Most notable among those is a speech-to-text feature that can automatically caption a video.

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