Adobe's Project In-Between uses AI to create 'living photos'

Animate transitions between two still images.

Adobe Project In-Between (Adobe)

At its annual design conference each year, Adobe shows off the new features coming to its range of Creative Cloud apps. The company also has a tradition of previewing experimental tools that may make it to the likes of Photoshop and others. As part of its "sneaks" session today, Adobe will demo Project In-Between: an AI-based tool that creates what the company calls "living photos" from separate still images.

Using Adobe Sensei AI, the tool makes an animation between two or more photos with a single click. Project In-Between will also let you choose the number of transition frames with a higher number creating faster motion. Once it's done, you can access the in-between frames individually as well. There is a big caveat though: your images have to be similar. For example, you could use an image of a person smiling and one of them not in the same general pose. If the images are too different, the results get weird quickly as the transitions become more like transformations. Adobe says the feature can also be applied to video to create slow-motion clips.

Adobe sees Project In-Between as a way to make photos you take on your phone more interesting. The company explains that the results of the tool could be posted as GIFs to social channels and various other places. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if Adobe can bake this technology into a mobile app so that you can do all of the editing on your phone, and keep the results there for easy posting.

Adobe has shown off dozens of experimental features over the years at its Max event. In fact, the Sneaks portion of the festivities has become so popular, the company schedules a dedicated session entirely devoted to previews of technology that's in development. Of course, not all "sneaks" make the leap to full-on features in Creative Cloud apps. However, some of them do, with Photoshop's powerful Content Aware Fill perhaps being the most famous example, demoed long before "sneaks" became as popular as they are today.

You can expect to see a demo of Project In-Between and this year's other "sneaks" during an Adobe Max session at 12PM ET today.

Adobe Project In-Between