After Math: We're dreaming of escape and DJI drones

Let's go (stir) crazy!

francescoch via Getty Images

As we face down the prospect of a second month in quarantine it’s perfectly understandable that people are feeling cooped up and stressed out with just a touch of cabin fever. But now is not the time to waver so stay home and let this week’s top headlines bring you sweet dreams of escape.

Ford EMustang

Ford's electric Mustang dragster delivers over 1,400 horsepower

Oh man, remember traffic? How mind-bogglingly, bladder-burstingly infuriating it’d be spending 45 minutes to travel the distance of three exits? I miss traffic. But I’ll gladly take a Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 instead. This prototype dragster boasts an all-electric drivetrain and 1100 ft/lbs of torque. Even better, it doesn’t look like a minivan like the consumer Mustang-E being released later this summer.

DJI sale

DJI's Mavic Air 2 will reportedly cost $799

You may not be able to go outside but there’s nothing but a few FAA regulations stopping your drone from stretching its legs around the neighborhood during the quarantine. And in a few week’s time that drone just might be a new Mavic Air 2. One of DJI’s partner websites let slip the new drone’s specs and price last week and all eyes turn to DJI’s April 27th event for confirmation.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Verizon extends 15GB of additional mobile data through May

Here’s hoping that you’re sheltering in place somewhere with WiFi. But if you find yourself in need of more mobile data than you’d use prior to the lockdown, Verizon is automatically including an additional 15GB to its customers — specifically regular and business shared plans — for the full month of May.

Facebook Kids
Kerkez via Getty Images

Facebook's Messenger Kids is rolling out to 75 new countries

Play dates may be a thing of the past but Facebook is doing its part to keep them connected with their peers. Last week the social media giant made the tween version of its popular messaging app available to a total of 75 countries around the world. I’m sure this will go well and not create (yet another) massive privacy scandal for the company.

Samsung fitness

Samsung brings six fitness apps to its smart TVs

Gyms have always been human-scale petri dishes but in the face of a highly-transmittable global pandemic like the coronavirus, working out could end up killing you. But if you own a 2018 Samsung smart TV or newer, the company is making six of its fitness apps available for free. Keep calm and get your sweat on.