Alexa Routines now work with Amazon Fire TV

You can turn on your TV, coffee machine and smart lights with a single command.

Nicole Lee / Engadget

Alexa Routines now work with Amazon’s Fire TV devices. The feature allows you to carry out common actions on several smart devices simultaneously with a single custom Alexa command.

For instance, you may already switch on your bedroom light and activate your coffee machine as part of your wake-up routine, and perhaps you’ll want to turn on your TV to your favorite news network as well. Amazon suggests you could use routines to pause what’s playing on your TV and turn on certain lights when you want to get up and grab a snack. Along with pausing and switching your TV on or off, you can use routines to start playing certain content on Fire TV or open a specific app.

Alexa Routines are supported on all Fire TV devices worldwide. To turn on or off a display with a Fire TV Stick as part of a routine, you'll need a Consumer Electronics Control-capable TV.