Fire TV devices will get improved hands-free features with Alexa

Amazon is making your TV an even smarter screen.


Three years after adding basic hands-free Alexa support on Fire TV devices, Amazon is finally taking things a step further. Previously, you could ask your Echo devices to play specific shows or open apps on Fire TV hardware. But with Amazon’s latest update, which starts rolling out this week, you’ll also be able to have content pop up on your TV with a new “show me” command. For example, you could just say “Alexa, show me the weather” or “show me my front door camera.”

And if you’re completely remote-averse, you’ll also be able to navigate on-screen menus and make selections via Alexa devices. This is something you’ve been able to do by hitting the voice control button on Fire TV remotes, but obviously going completely hands-free is even more convenient.

Amazon says you’ll be able pair most Echo devices with your Fire TVs automatically. You just have to request that the play something on your TV, then confirm the pairing with your Fire TV. It’s a bit more complicated for Echo Show and Spots, though, since they have screens of their own. While you can pair them with your Fire TVs, you can only use them to request content. The new “show me” command and on-screen navigation won’t work — likely because they’ll have a tough time differentiating between their onboard screens and your TV.