Amazon's $25 custom T-shirt service uses virtual body doubles

You'll need to provide measurements and two photos to use Made for You.


Amazon has opened a custom clothing store, allowing all users in the US to buy T-shirts that conform to their measurements and specifications. Made for You requires you to submit details about your weight, height and body type, along with two photos of yourself, through Amazon’s app or website.

There are eight colors to choose from and you can pick how long you'd like the T-shirt and sleeves to be. You'll have the choice between two cotton-based fabrics, and you can decide what fit you'd like your shirt to have. Whether the T-shirt has a crew or V-neck is also up to you, while Amazon can print your name on the label.

Once you've decided all of that, you can see how your custom shirt looks on a virtual version of yourself and make adjustments before placing your order. The shirts cost $25 each.

There may be some privacy concerns regarding the custom T-shirt service, given that it requires you to submit photos. Amazon confirmed to Engadget the photos are deleted after it uses them to create a virtual body double. It noted that you can update or delete your size information at any time.

As long as they're comfortable with providing their measurements and photos to Amazon, the reasonably priced bespoke T-shirt service could prove a godsend for people who have trouble finding off-the-rack clothing that fits them properly. Made for You may expand to other styles and items in the future, so you could eventually have an entire wardrobe of made-to-measure apparel from Amazon.

It’s not the first Amazon service that uses photos of customers. Amazon's Halo fitness device, which became broadly available this week, produces a body fat percentage reading when you take a full-body selfie with the accompanying app. Earlier this year, Amazon shut down its Echo Look device, which offered style suggestions based on images it took of you.

Update 12/15 2:40PM ET: Updated to note how Amazon handles the photos and other data.

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