Amazon details the war mechanics of its 'New World' MMO

The company recently had to push back its closed beta launch to July.


Amazon’s New World MMO will apparently have an intricately detailed war system, based on the company’s latest post about the game. As part of New World’s Developer Diary Series, Amazon has revealed how players will be able to wage war against each other and showed off the siege platforms and traps they can use.

A faction can only declare war against another if it has weakened a territory enough, the post reads, and wars will be scheduled to avoid raiding and fighting during inconvenient hours for participants. The game will beam players to the battlefield from wherever they are when the time comes for battle. And once they’ve arrived, they need to capture three Rally Points in front of the defenders’ fort if they’re the ones attacking before they can breach the fort gates and capture the territory.

Attackers will have to pay for the siege weapons — cannons, fire launchers and rapid-fire turrets — they plan to use. But defenders can build ballistas, cannons, rapid-fire turrets, or other siege weapons on their walls at no cost. Both sides can also place traps to prevent the enemy from moving forward after they get past the siege weapons.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to experience a New World war yourself. Amazon recently had to push back its release date to August 25th, 2020 and its Closed Beta launch to July due to the coronavirus pandemic.