'Apex Legends' season six trailer offers a peek at Rampart's abilities

The addition of a giant rocketship is one of several major map changes.

Respawn Entertainment/EA

Although Respawn hasn’t detailed all of the newest Apex Legends character’s abilities just yet, a season six gameplay trailer offers a peek at the tricks Rampart has up her sleeve. It seems she can place down barriers and turrets with which she and her teammates can mow down enemies.

As well as quick flashes of weapon skins that’ll be available through the battle pass, there’s a glimpse of the crafting mechanic. It appears you’ll need to track down a replicator system on the map, where you can exchange resources for weapons and other loot. It seems some items will change daily or weekly, so you might not be able to craft any item of your choosing.

Apex Legends crafting system
Respawn Entertainment/EA

You can also expect some major updates to the World’s Edge map. An area close to The Dome that used to be a lava field will become the Launch Site, complete with a huge rocketship. Drill Site is no more, and a location called Countdown is taking its place. Staging, meanwhile, replaces a small town to the east of Harvester.

There’ll be a new mechanic available at each of those locations. You’ll be able to activate large blast walls to defend the area against your opponents. There are some other map changes too. The train is no more and parts of it have been scattered around the tracks. Respawn says that’ll enable players to get more use out of the tunnels the tracks run through.

Intriguingly, the trailer closes out with Apex Games founder Kuben Blisk claiming “something big is on the horizon” alongside a clear shot of the rocketship. That, along with hints from Respawn that Hammond Industries is up to “something nefarious,” suggests some sort of significant change is on the way. It might simply be a nod toward the upcoming cross-play update, but perhaps we’ll learn more when season six of the battle royale gets underway on August 18th.