Apogee's latest Jam interface has a built-in analog compressor

You can hook the JamX up to a Windows PC, Mac or iOS device.


Apogee is back with a new version of its Jam adapter that you can use to hook a musical instrument up to your computer or tablet. The JamX is the latest iteration of the peripheral, which the company debuted in 2010. The biggest change this time around is the introduction of a built-in analog compressor.

It comes with three presets with varying levels of compression to help you shape your tone. Apogee says the compressor will add sustain and balance out your dynamics. Although you likely won't be able to remove the compression after recording, Jam devices aren't exactly geared toward professional use. They're more about helping you practice or lay down ideas quickly. The analog compression should aid with that while keeping the volume of your track relatively stable.

Apogee is also touting JamX's Blend mode. It says this will allow enthusiasts to record tracks with zero latency. If you prefer not to use the mode, you'll be able to switch Blend off easily enough. Moreover, the company claims that JamX boosts audio playback, thanks to sample rates of up to 96 kHz.

The JamX comes with Ableton Live Lite and it works with guitars, keyboards, synths and any acoustic instrument that has pickups. You can connect it to a Windows PC, Mac or iOS device. The interface is compatible with any audio recording app, Apogee says.

The JamX is available starting today at Apogee dealers. It costs $199, which is $20 more than the previous model, Jam+.