AppleCare+ now covers two incidents of accidental damage per year

Replacing an iPhone under theft or loss coverage could be cheaper too.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Amid all the Watch and iPad news Apple just dropped, it quietly updated its AppleCare+ policies to make them more generous. The service will now cover two incidents of accidental damage every 12 months, instead of two incidents every 24 months. As MacRumors noted, the updated policy covers iPhones, iPads, displays, Macs and Apple Watches.

You’ll still need to pay a deductible for any repairs resulting from accidental damage, of course. But for the butterfingers out there, it should come as a little extra comfort that they can get their Apple device fixed a couple of times a year without paying through the nose for it.

Apple has also standardized how much it costs to replace an iPhone under theft or loss coverage. Previously, Apple charged between $149 and $269. The cost depended on which model you owned. It’ll now charge you $149 for a replacement, regardless of which iPhone you have (well, had).

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