Apple will give third-party Mac repair shops its stamp of approval

It started verifying iPhone repair shops last year.

Dana Wollman/Engadget

Getting your Mac fixed could soon be much easier. Apple says it will now verify third-party Mac repair shops, Reuters reports. The program will provide parts and training to qualifying repair stores.

Apple began verifying third-party iPhone repair shops in the US last year. This summer it expanded that repair program to Europe and Canada. A total of 140 businesses with 700 locations have reportedly signed up. Apple has also partnered with Best Buy to offer certified repairs through its stores.

The expanded repair program is a win for right-to-repair advocates, who have long urged Apple to make it easier for third parties to fix its products. The changes should keep Apple products working longer, which is ultimately more sustainable, and it should give customers confidence that they’re getting trustworthy service.

It’s probably easier to repair a Mac than an iPhone, so it seems odd that Apple didn’t verify Mac repair shops first. Either way, this could be especially good news for anyone who’s now using their Mac for remote work and may have an easier time getting to a third-party shop than an Apple store.