Apple offers interest-free financing on more of its products

You have to buy them with Apple Card, though.
Marc DeAngelis
M. DeAngelis|06.15.20

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Apple Card
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The rumors of Apple extending its zero interest purchase plans turned out to be true. Customers can now use an Apple Card to buy products like Macs, iPads and accessories on a monthly installment plan. Some of the less expensive items -- like AirPods -- can be financed over six months, though most are eligible for a 12-month plan. In addition to the interest-free payments, Apple Card users can also get the standard three percent back for buying Apple products.

Zero percent financing was previously available for the iPhone, so this is a big expansion of the offering. It seems like Apple’s hope is that it will convince more people to sign up for its Goldman Sachs credit card and use it to purchase the company’s products. However, you do need an iPhone to get an Apple Card, so if you’re an Android user, the program may not be worth the hassle. Those who do qualify for a card but don’t have one yet can apply during checkout when shopping on Apple’s online store.

While Apple’s installment plans could be helpful in an everyday situation, it could be particularly beneficial to customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are trying to save money and yet they may need new hardware in order to work from home. Hopefully this program can help those who have been holding out.

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