Bloomberg: Apple Stores drop most third-party headphones and speakers

Apple conspicuously removed Logitech, Bose and Sonos gear as rumors indicate it will launch its own headphones.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

If you needed confirmation that Apple has big plans for personal audio, Bloomberg reports that its stores have stopped selling speakers and headphones from several competitors. Based on checks and what employees have been told, the outlet reports that Logitech, Sonos and Bose are no longer available in Apple’s retail locations or online store, which aligns with earlier Bloomberg rumors that Apple headphones may go on sale this year. A quick look at the website reveals the only third-party device listed now is a Philips conference room speaker.

The shift mirrors similar moves Apple made before, like taking Fitbit hardware off of its shelves in 2014 before the Apple Watch appeared. So far it has limited headphone sales to the Beats brand, but an Apple-branded set could arrive with a more classic design and AirPod-like features.

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