Apple's M1 Mac mini with 512GB of storage is $70 off at Amazon

It's an all-time low price for Apple's upgraded desktop.

Now’s your time to act if you want Apple’s M1 Mac mini with more than a basic amount of storage. Amazon is selling a version of the tiny desktop with 512GB of storage for $829, or $70 off its usual price and a new all-time low for this configuration. You can get the 256GB base model for $649 ($50 off) as well, but it’s clear the higher-end system represents the better bargain.

Buy Mac mini (512GB) at Amazon - $829

We’ve seen numerous Mac mini sales before, but they’ve almost always been limited to the entry-level version.

This could be a great deal if you’re looking for a compact desktop that still packs a reasonable punch. As we’ve discovered in our reviews of the latest MacBooks, the M1 is a transformative chip — it sometimes delivers performance you’d expect from higher-end desktop CPUs, let alone chips in its class. You can also expect a very quiet computer, even under some heavy workloads. The 512GB of storage is highly recommended if you intend to keep local media or run larger apps.

There are limitations. This model still has 8GB of RAM — it’s more efficient than you’d expect, but this isn’t the computer for you if memory is all-important. There are also just two Thunderbolt/USB-C ports that could limit your expansion, and it can’t handle more than two displays at once. That’s not including any hiccups from certain apps that haven’t been optimized for the M1 yet, such as some development tools. If you’re simply looking for a speedy machine for everyday use, though, you might have everything you need.

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