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Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are now open

The mixed reality headset will set buyers back at least $3,499 and will start shipping on February 2.


Apple's much-anticipated mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, is now available for pre-order in the US through the company's website and all its stores across the country. Interested buyers may want to take note that they have to scan their face with an iPhone or iPad using Face ID when they pre-order to make sure they're getting a precise band fit. The company designed the Vision Pro with a modular system so that users can customize it to fit them perfectly — it will, after all, set them back at least $3,499 for the version with 256GB of storage. If you need more space (and who doesn't?), it'll cost $3,699 with 512GB of storage and $3,899 with 1TB.

People who need vision correction also have the option to add Zeiss optical inserts when they pre-order so that they won't need to wear their glasses inside the headset anymore. They can get reader inserts for $99 and prescription inserts for $149, though they have to provide an updated official prescription with their order to be able to purchase them.

Be ready to shell out even more for accessories: The travel case, additional battery packs, and extra light seals will each run you $199. Belkin's battery holder will also let you clip that device onto your pants, or wear it with a cross-body strap.

The company's mixed reality headset is powered by visionOS, which users can control via gestures with their eyes and hands or with voice commands through Siri. Apple placed a lot of emphasis on its entertainment features when it officially introduced the device and said that it will support more than a million apps from the iOS and iPadOS ecosystems, along with apps especially made for its platform.

Some popular services like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify won't be available for download at launch, but early adopters will still have access to a number of entertainment apps, including Disney+, Max, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+. Users will be able to place their apps anywhere in a 3D environment and, in Disney+'s case, be able to watch shows against a special immersive background like the Avengers Tower. They'll also be able to access their Mac on the headset, so they can work or do what they usually do on a laptop on a mixed reality device instead. The Apple Vision Pro will start shipping on February 2.