Audible has a new, cheaper plan (if you can do without the book credits)

It's also merging the Gold and Premium plans into a single subscription.


Audible is introducing a cheaper plan that includes access to its exclusive audio content. With the $7.95/month Audible Plus plan, you'll get unlimited access to over 68,000 hours of material from more than 11,000 titles, including podcasts, audiobooks and Audible Originals. Those include documentaries, comedy, selections from Audible Theater, content for kids and more.

Audible Plus will be ad-free for the time being, and Audible will even strip ads from some third-party podcasts, according to The Verge. More exclusive content will be added in the coming weeks, including a podcast about the lasting impact of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan.

What you won't get are credits for audiobooks that aren't included in the Plus library. For those, you'll need Audible Premium Plus, which replaces the Gold and Platinum plans. With that $14.95/month subscription, you'll receive one credit per month for any audiobook of your choosing. If you were on the Platinum plan, you'll be grandfathered in with two credits each month.

Audible says that these updated plans are in a preview phase, and it'll take feedback into account before the full launch. If you're an existing subscriber, you can tap into the Audible Plus catalog from today. Newcomers can sign up to Audible Plus starting August 27th. You'll be able to listen to the Audible Plus catalog through the Audible app, Alexa-enabled devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

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