First season of 'Battlefield 2042' debuts June 9th with a new map

New guns, vehicles and other gear could help revive interest.

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Jon Fingas
June 7, 2022 12:26 PM
Ewelina Lis in 'Battlefield 2042' season 1

After a months-long delay, DICE and EA are finally ready to premiere the first season of Battlefield 2042. The two have announced that Season 1: Zero Hour premieres on June 9th with a large batch of fresh content. There's a new map set in the Canadian Rockies (Exposure) for the All-Out Warfare and Portal modes. A new character, Ewalina Lis, is well-suited to anti-vehicle combat. You'll need her, too, as there are new stealth helicopters (the Huron and Hannibal) that could provide an unwelcome surprise.

The new season includes a wider range of gear, including a crossbow with multiple round options (including explosive), a mid-range rifle and a smoke grenade launcher. To no one's surprise, EA is also promising more skins and melee takedown animations for Premium Battle Pass buyers.

Zero Hour also builds on the many bug fixes and needed feature additions since launch. You can expect greater stability, better balancing and improved handling for guns and vehicles, among other tweaks. Custom game mode creators can expect a more powerful editor and a new preset, while Portal brings back some vehicles and "experiences."

Season 1 is free for all BF2042 players, and you'll only really want the Premium pass if you insist on having the latest cosmetics. The question is whether or not the update will bring gamers back. While active player counts have levelled out, according to Steam Charts, there's no doubt that interest in the shooter tumbled soon after its November 2021 debut. A rough launch and other frustrations prompted much of the target audience to drift toward other titles. The major content update might encourage users to give the game a second chance, but it's not certain that they'll stick around.

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First season of 'Battlefield 2042' debuts June 9th with a new map