Google is beefing up password security on mobile versions of Chrome

Chrome 86 goes live today with a little love for Android and iOS.


Google has rolled a series of security updates into the latest version of Chrome on Android and iOS, pushing the mobile browser toward parity with its desktop granddaddy. Chrome 86, the version that lands today, will support Safety Check on Android and iOS, Enhanced Safe Browsing on Android, and improved password-filling on iOS.

Google is also implementing a program that not only recognizes when a password has been compromised, but will take users directly to the appropriate “Change Password” form. This feature will be active in both Android and iOS versions of Chrome. It ties into Google’s Safety Check system, which scans for compromised passwords, ensures Chrome is up to date and checks whether Safe Browsing is on.

Android versions of Chrome are getting Enhanced Safe Browsing, an option that hit desktop browsers in May. Enhanced Safe Browsing shares data with Google in real-time and proactively checks for malware and phishing attempts in webpages and downloads. Android and desktop editions of the new Chrome will also receive mixed form warnings, alerting users before they submit a non-secure form embedded in an HTTPS page.

Chrome iOS security by Google.

Meanwhile, iOS users will be able to authenticate Chrome’s auto-filled passwords using Face ID, Touch ID or their phone unlock code.