'Crysis Remastered' can run in 8K, if your PC can handle it

It's coming to PS4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store on September 18th.

Crytek/Saber Interactive

If a Nintendo Switch can run the Crysis remaster, you might assume more powerful consoles and modern PCs should have no trouble in handing the notoriously resource-hungry game. Maybe not so much if you’re hoping to play Crysis Remastered with all the settings maxed out.

Along with a release date, Crytek and co-developer Saber Interactive unleashed a trailer that shows off the remaster’s technical capabilities. It will include textures up to 8K, HDR support, motion blur, more light settings and updated particle effects to name a few. Crytek says its CryEngine tech can support software-based ray tracing on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. Crysis Remastered can also tap into Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards for hardware-based ray tracing on PC.

So, the old gag of “but can it run Crysis?” is still very much at play here, as you’ll need a powerful PC to get the most out of the remaster. Crysis Remastered, which dropped on Switch last month, is coming to the Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One on September 18th. It’ll cost $30.