'Man of Medan' sequel 'Little Hope' arrives on October 30th

A new trailer offers another look at the ‘demonic apparitions’ you’ll encounter.


Given that the Dark Pictures: Little Hope horror game follows a group of college students and their professor stranded in a town full of dark history, “demonic apparitions” and evil forces trying to claim their souls, it’s only appropriate that the title would arrive on October 30th, just in time for Halloween. Today, Supermassive announced the release date and shared a new trailer with added scenes.

Little Hope is a follow up to Man of Medan, and it continues the Dark Pictures Anthology. When your group gets stranded in Little Hope, you learn that it was once the site of witch hunts and that evil forces are still very much present. Your fate will be determined by the choices you make, and you can expect a focus on conversations and lots of scares.

Like other games in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope is playable in single player mode or in two multiplayer modes: a two-player online Shared Story mode and a two- to five-player offline Movie Night mode. In a blog post, Supermassive series director and executive producer Pete Samuels said the cinematic game draws inspiration from The Witch, Season of the Witch, Blair Witch, Hellbound Heart, Hellraiser, It Follows and The Omen.

Little Hope will be available for PS4, Xbox and PC, and you can pre-order it now.