Android users can get Dark Sky weather updates for one more month

You have until August 1st to find an alternative weather app.

VALERY HACHE via Getty Images

Apple purchased one of the best weather apps in the business this spring, and unfortunately that meant Dark Sky pulled its Android app. If you haven’t already installed it, it’s gone from the Google Play Store, and the company initially informed subscribers they would lose access as of July 1st.

However, there is one last reprieve, as it’s extending service on Android until August 1st. That gives you another month to find a different weather app — we have some suggestions — or, switch platforms. Dark Sky’s hook has been its accurate “hyperlocal” weather data that could inform users just before it rained or snowed, and even if you switch apps, any that rely on its API will lose access at the end of 2021.

Dark Sky
Dark Sky
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