DJI's future first-person drone surfaces in an unboxing video

The drone, goggles and even the controller would get upgrades.

Dominion Drones/SpiderMonkey FPV, YouTube

DJI's first-person view drone still hasn't been announced, but that isn't stopping enthusiasts from getting hands-on time. The Verge reports that Dominion Drones briefly shared a video (reposted by SpiderMonkey FPV) where it unboxed the "FPV Combo" and detailed some of its improvements.

Dominion didn't fly the drone to test its rumored 93MPH top speed. However, the clip shows the high-up first-person camera as well as additional front- and downward-facing sensors that are likely meant to help dodge obstacles. There's an upgraded, more gamepad-like controller with sculpted grips, and the new racing goggles are reportedly lighter than their 2019 ancestors. The FPV drone is clearly meant for racers in addition to fans of first-person cinematic footage.

DJI is rumored to deliver the drone in March. The biggest question may revolve around availability. While DJI has maintained that it would keep selling drones despite a US trade ban, this FPV model could represent a test of that claim. Don't be surprised if there are snags in DJI's plans, at least for American drone buyers.