Don't expect Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island or TimeSplitters at E3

Deep Silver says those franchises won't be featured at Summer Game Fest either.

Deep Silver Volition

E3 is almost upon us and we’re getting a clearer idea of what to expect from various publishers. Ubisoft, for instance, has mentioned a few games and updates it’ll show off. However, Deep Silver has gone in the other direction by saying what it won’t showcase at E3 or Summer Game Fest.

The publisher’s parent company, Koch Media, has a Summer Game Fest event scheduled for June 11th at 3PM ET. Deep Silver franchises Saints Row, Metro, Dead Island and TimeSplitters won’t be featured, though. The lack of a TimeSplitters update isn’t a surprise, given that the long-awaited next game in the series was announced a couple of weeks ago, and development may not have even started yet. In a tweet, Deep Silver said it would let "let you know when we have news to share" about those franchises.

Setting expectations is not a bad idea. It’s better to nip speculation in the bud rather than disappoint fans. Nintendo did something sort of similar by saying its Direct on June 15th will be exclusively about software and not the widely expected Switch Pro, even though rumors suggest the company will announce a next-gen Switch imminently.

On the other hand, knowing there’s no chance of learning new info about four notable franchises at Koch’s event may mean fans of those games are less likely to watch the stream.