'The Sims 4' is hosting a (partly Simlish) music festival

Pop-star Bebe Rexha will perform in the fictional language.


Starting on June 29th, EA will host a music festival inside of the Sims 4 that will feature pop star Bebe Rexha, one part of indie band Glass Animals and singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun. Sims Sessions will allow Sims 4 players to explore a virtual festival ground, buy virtual merchandise and of course listen to some good tunes.

Virtual concerts in video games aren’t anything new. We’ve seen Epic Games put on shows featuring Travis Scott and Diplo in Fortnite. Lil Nas X has also performed inside of Roblox. But what makes Sims Sessions different is that some of the performers will sing their songs in Simlish, the nonsense language Sims creator Will Wright invented back in 1996.

Now before you scoff at the thought of listening to a song in Simlish, know that is a thing EA has been doing for a while. Since 2004, the company notes it’s worked with nearly 500 artists, including the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Japanese Breakfast, to record their songs in the fictional language. Simlish is so popular they’ll be an accompanying karaoke event on TikTok where fans will be able to show off their knowledge of the language. To take part in the festival, all you need is a copy of the Sims 4, and you'll have until July 7th to take it in and sing along in Simlish.