Get two Amazon Echo Shows for $140 in an HSN bundle

It's one of the best deals on Echo devices we've seen since May.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 smart speaker
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Those who want to outfit a room or two with smart displays can get a couple of Amazon’s smaller Echo Shows for less at HSN. The online retailer has a bundle that includes one Echo Show 5 and one Echo Show 8 for $140, which is a great price and close to the sale prices we saw for both of those devices back in May.

Buy Echo Show bundle at HSN - $140

If you were to buy each smart speaker separately right now, you’d spend $170 — and that’s with both the Show 5 and the Show 8 technically being on sale. In May, Amazon dropped the prices of both smart speakers to their Black Friday lows. If you had purchased one of each then, you would have paid $130. HSN’s deal is a good opportunity if you missed Amazon’s discount a couple of months ago.

The Echo Show 5 and Show 8 are the most compact of Amazon’s smart displays (not counting the spherical Echo Spot), giving you 5-inch and 8-inch displays on which to view weather reports, to-do lists, recipe instructions and smart home security camera feeds. Both have built-in cameras for video chatting as well, and you can disable both the camera and the microphone just by flipping a switch on either device. If you have multiple Echo devices, not only do you get to spread out Alexa’s capabilities throughout your home, but you can also use the devices like intercoms by using one to call the other.

We gave the Echo Show 5 a score of 85 for its solid sound quality, ambient light sensor and sunrise alarm feature. The latter feature plus its small size have made the Show 5 a popular smart alarm clock. The Echo Show 8 makes a good communal device that lives in your kitchen or living room, and its larger display makes it better for watching videos.

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