Facebook adds hardware security key support for Android and iOS

It took a while but they're finally an option on mobile.

Since 2017, Facebook has allowed you to use a hardware security key for two-factor authentication on desktop. On mobile, however, securing your account has meant relying on either an authentication app or SMS code. That's changing today, with the option to use a security key available across desktop, Android and iOS.

Facebook security key

Security keys are small, thumb drive-sized devices that you usually connect directly to your computer or mobile device to authenticate your identity with either an online service or app. Since a hacker would have to obtain the key from you physically, they're considered one of the safest ways to protect your online data. And most companies recommend people who are frequent targets of hackers, including politicians and activists, use them. A company called Yubico makes ones for both iPhones and Android devices. Google has its own line as well.

Once you have a security key, setting up Facebook to take advantage of one is straightforward. Just head to the Security and Login of the settings menu. Keep in mind you don't buy a new device to secure your online accounts. Simply by enabling two-factor authentication, you're taking a significant step toward protecting yourself online.