Facebook Messenger gets a new logo and a fresh design

The spruced-up app has more chat themes and custom reactions.


Facebook is giving Messenger a fresh look. It’s rolling out a redesigned version of the app, which has a more vibrant logo and new default chat color, additional chat themes (such as love and tie-dye) and custom reactions. “The new look reflects a shift to the future of messaging – a more dynamic, fun and integrated way to hang out with your favorite people, on your favorite apps and devices,” Facebook wrote in a blog post.

A launch trailer focuses on some recent features, including Watch Together viewing parties and dark mode, which arrived in Messenger last year. The clip also shone a spotlight on cross-app chatting with Instagram users, which will be available to most users in North America soon. “Messenger also powers conversations within Portal, and soon Oculus, so you can be with your favorite people wherever you are,” Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of Messenger, wrote.

There are some other features on the way, such as selfie stickers and vanish mode, in which messages will disappear when you leave the chat or after they’ve been viewed. Messenger will also support third-party AR effects starting next year.