‘Fall Guys’ is coming to Xbox this summer

The adorable battle royale is also on the way to Nintendo Switch.


A day after it emerged that Fall Guys is headed to Nintendo Switch, developer Mediatonic revealed that it’s also bound for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The adorable battle royale party game initially emerged on PC and PlayStation 4 last August, where it was an overnight hit. It became the most-downloaded free PlayStation Plus game ever and it sold more than seven million copies on Steam in just a few weeks, according to publisher Devolver.

Players got hooked on Fall Guys’ cute characters, killer music and the pure joy it exudes. It's a chaotic spin on obstacle course-laden game shows like Wipeout and MXC/Takeshi’s Castle. Up to 60 players drop into in each match and after a series of races and other levels, only one remains to capture the crown.

There’s no word as yet on whether Fall Guys will support cross-platform play, but at least Switch and Xbox players will finally get in on the fun in the coming months. It remains to be seen whether Mediatonic and Devolver will eventually bring it to iOS and Android.

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