OnePlus owners can claim an exclusive 'Fortnite' dance emote

If you have a OnePlus 3 or newer, the Bhangra Boogie is all yours.

OnePlus/Epic Games

Fortnite players who have a OnePlus phone are in for a treat. Starting today and for a limited time, you can snag a free, exclusive Bhangra Boogie dance emote if you have a OnePlus 3 or newer. You’ll have to claim your code from the OnePlus website.

You can use the emote with any skin, which sets it apart a bit from many of the game’s other tie-ins. Exclusive, branded skins have been a part of Fortnite for quite some time. They include several linked to Samsung devices, including the popular IKONIK skin, which is no longer available (at least not officially).

It’s not the first time that OnePlus has worked with Epic on a Fortnite-related project. Earlier this year, they struck a deal to run the game on OnePlus 8 series devices at 90 frames per second, a first for Fortnite on a mobile device.

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