'Fortnite' gets a 'GI Joe' character with a matching action figure

Take your game skin into the real world.

Epic Games/Hasbro

It’s no longer rare to see action figures for video game characters, but an action figure designed to accompany the character is relatively rare — and Epic Games wants to give it a try. The developer has released a Fortnite outfit for GI Joe’s Snake Eyes alongside an upcoming Hasbro action figure based on that skin. You’ll have to spend $40 to pre-order that real-world figure and wait until January 2022 to receive it, but it could be appealing if you like the mysterious ninja enough to want a physical memento.

Snake Eyes will rotate out of Fortnite’s shop at an unspecified point.

The collaboration is a not-so-subtle plug for the Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins movie tentatively premiering in October 2021. It’s far from the first major Fortnite tie-in, of course — you’ll find everything from soccer players to superheroes in the battle royale shooter. However, it’s clear Epic is branching out with launches that extend beyond the game itself. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more like this in the future.