'Fortnite' is getting an Among Us-style mode for the holidays

The Spy Within is available to play starting today.

Epic Games

On the same day that Among Us makes its way to Nintendo Switch, Epic is adding a new limited-time gameplay mode called The Spy Within. If you’ve played any Werewolf-style game, the broad strokes of the new mode will be familiar.

Each time you start a new match, you won’t know what side everyone is on. They’ll be two players known as the spies. Their goal is to eliminate the other players in the match without drawing suspicion. The eight other people taking part in the game are known as the agents. They have to work together to identify the spies, while trying to complete a variety of other objectives. Where things get tricky is that the agents can only talk to one another over voice chat when they call a meeting. You’ll be able to earn some in-game cosmetics, including a nifty-looking skate deck, by completing the associated Spy Within challenge pack.

While it’s only a limited-time mode, it’s hard not to see The Spy Within as an attempt by Epic to get players back into Fortnite by copying the game everyone’s playing at the moment. The recent Reboot a Friend initiative Epic announced this week speaks to that same goal. Of course, Fortnite has always been something of a chameleon in that way. Before it borrowed from PUBG and became one of the world’s most popular battle royale titles, it was best known as a co-op survival game. You don’t last long if you don’t adapt.