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‘Fraggle Rock’ mini-series makes a surprise debut on Apple TV+

New episodes will be out each Tuesday.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On!
The Jim Henson Company
Marc DeAngelis
Marc DeAngelis|April 21, 2020 1:39 PM

As nostalgia continues its reign, Apple TV+ has just launched the first episode of its Fraggle Rock revival. Fraggle Rock: Rock On! brings the cave-dwelling Muppets of the ‘80s to the modern age in a series of mini-episodes that focuses on social distancing. The characters used to travel freely throughout Fraggle Rock -- the titular cave system -- but the passageways have closed off. The Fraggles now have to find creative ways to interact and make music -- both new and classic songs will be part of the show. According to Deadline, the first mini-sode involves the Fraggles receiving new Doozertubes, which allow them to communicate and play a new song.

The show’s production was a quick turnaround -- social distancing has been in place for less than a few months. Part of the reason the production crew was able to create the show so quickly is because it was shot on iPhone and was produced in the homes of crew and artists throughout the US. The Jim Henson Company -- the same producer of the original show -- is making Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, so viewers can expect a certain level of quality and fan service when the shortform episodes air each Tuesday.

Fraggle Rock isn’t exactly a deep cut, but it’s not universally well-known, either. Whether or not Apple TV+ subscribers at large will watch the show remains to be seen, but ‘80s babies will likely be curious to revisit the caves and creatures, and children who have never heard of Fraggle Rock may even be amused by the silly characters and catchy tunes.

‘Fraggle Rock’ mini-series makes a surprise debut on Apple TV+