GDC Summer will go all-digital

It won't be at Moscone West after all.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Earlier this year, the annual Game Developer’s Conference that was set to occur in March was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Later, GDC 2020 organizers said that it would be postponed to August under the new moniker of “GDC Summer.” Now, it’s changing once again. Instead of returning as a 3-day conference in San Francisco’s Moscone West, GDC Summer will now be an all-digital event.

In a blog post, GDC organizers said: “As so many game developers embrace remote working arrangements and online collaboration, we’re inspired to adapt and deliver GDC in a digital format that will be available to everyone with an internet connection, and will work hard to deliver the high-quality content and networking opportunities GDC attendees have come to expect.”

The digital-only event will still take place from August 4th to the 6th, and GDC will be sharing more information on how to virtually attend at a later date.

GDC is not the only trade show to go digital. Both Apple and Microsoft have also announced online-only versions of their developer conferences. Some, however, have opted to cancel theirs altogether. Google has canceled I/O entirely and Facebook has canceled all large events through June 2021.