Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $23

This is the lowest price ever for a 90 day subscription.

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A three-month subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now only $23 at Best Buy, down from its normal $45 price tag. Game Pass Ultimate grants you access to a sizable library of games that you can play on your Xbox One or PC. Joining Game Pass nets you extra savings -- up to 20 percent off -- on games that have been out for at least 30 days, plus 10 percent off add-ons and consumables. There are other perks too, like downloadable content for select games and occasional deals on partner services.

Buy Games Pass Ultimate (digital) at Best Buy - $23

Buy Games Pass Ultimate (physical) at Best Buy - $23

The all-you-can-play subscription service’s library has a little bit of something for everyone. If you’re slow to board hype trains, check out 2019’s Red Dead Redemption 2 or the 2017 classic Nier:Automata. Both games are on our list of the best Xbox One titles. Feeling nostalgic? Try Fable Anniversary or Fallout: New Vegas. Unless you devour new games feverishly, you should find a few gems that are worth downloading just to say you’ve given them a try. The service just hit 10 million subscribers; they can’t all be playing Minecraft.

Deals keep popping up on Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Earlier this week, Amazon dropped their price to $25. While Best Buy’s price is the lowest we’ve seen so far, if you’re already paying for Xbox Live Gold, there’s a better deal for you: Microsoft’s $1 Promo upgrades any time left on your current subscription (up to 36 months) to the Game Pass Ultimate.

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