'God of War: Ragnarok' reportedly lands this November

Never mind the talk of a delay to 2023.

Santa Monica Studio

God of War: Ragnarok might make its 2022 launch window after all. Bloomberg sources say the marquee PS4 and PS5 game will be released in November despite recent claims it might be delayed to 2023. Sony's Santa Monica Studio is poised to announce the release date later in June, the tipsters said. The debut had supposedly been pushed back from September, but there don't appear to be further worries.

European sources talking to Gamereactor had maintained the game wouldn't be ready until next year. The no-shows at both the June 2nd State of Play event and this week's Summer Games Fest helped fuel speculation about a lengthy delay. The Bloomberg contacts said there had been "several" internal and public delays for Ragnarok since the 2020 announcement, with at least some due to the pandemic and the need for remote work.

Sony hasn't commented on the rumor, and there's no guarantee the new God of War will stay on track. A November ship date wouldn't be surprising, though. Game developers often plan to release their biggest titles during the all-important holiday shopping season, particularly before Black Friday (the day after American Thanksgiving in November). And when Ragnarok could easily be the most important PlayStation game of the near future, a holiday premiere could be crucial for Sony's bottom line.