The latest Android 12 developer preview includes improved picture-in-picture

It offers a look at more upcoming features, including extended security for lock screen notifications.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Google has released its second Android 12 developer preview, offering a peek at more features that are coming to devices later this year. Among them are more secure lock screen notifications. Developers can set up notifications so that they always need authentication. For instance, a messaging app could always require you to confirm your identity before letting you delete a message or mark it as read from the lock screen.

Apps with automatic picture-in-picture (PIP) should transition to that mode more smoothly when you swipe up to access the home screen. Other PIP improvements include better window resizing for non-video content, stashing the PIP panel into the side of the screen (akin to iOS) and double tapping to toggle the window size.

The preview includes APIs that will allow developers to wake up relevant apps when your phone or tablet is close to a connected device, such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Android 12 will offer improved support for rounded corners in apps, which is a positive move given that more manufacturers (including Google) are adopting that look for device screens. Meanwhile, the preview will make it easier for developers to include blurs, color filters and other effects.

Google is aiming to achieve Platform Stability status (i.e. a stable beta where most of the under-the-hood tech has been finalized) in August. That will give developers at least a few weeks to test their apps in what should be a polished version of Android 12 before Google releases the OS publicly.