Google adds Smart Compose autocomplete to its Docs mobile app

But only if you're a G Suite subscriber.

Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

Google has announced a bunch of updates for its Docs, Sheets and Slides mobile apps. Most are mobile versions of desktop features and some are only available to G Suite subscribers for now. Still, they should help you to get more done a bit faster while you’re away from your computer.

G Suite customers will soon have access to Smart Compose in Docs. Gmail and the web version of Docs already have that feature, through which Google automatically offers suggestions on how to complete your sentences. It should be pretty useful, especially for folks who aren’t great at typing on their phones. Google is rolling out Smart Compose on the iOS Docs app now and on Android from August 12th. Folks with personal Google accounts won’t be able to use the feature just yet, but they might do in the future.

You’ll also have access to link previews in the same app. When you tap on one, you’ll see more details about what it points to, such as the title and thumbnail for a web page, or the owner and recent activity of a Google Drive file. A card with that information will pop up at the bottom of your screen. The feature is live for all iOS Docs users and it’ll hit Android starting August 12th.

Comments on the mobile Google Docs app

Also new are the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents without having to convert them, an option to vertically scroll through presentations in Slides (you can pinch to zoom in) and a revamped look for comments and action items. Perhaps even more helpful than those is the option to respond to and resolve comments from collaborators directly in Gmail. This dynamic email feature has been available on the web since last year, and you can now use it through the Gmail app on iOS and Android.

On top of all that, Google noted in its announcement that it recently added a dark mode to Docs, Sheets and Slides on Android. It’ll hit iOS later.