The original Google Home is 'no longer available' in the company's US store

But is it gone for good, or just temporarily?


Don’t expect to buy Google’s original Home speaker straight from the source. Android Police has noticed that the Google Store in the US lists the Home as “no longer available.” That’s also the case in Japan, while Canada’s store asks you to “join waiting list.” Other countries are still offering the Home, and you can find it through third-party retailers like Best Buy, but it’s unexpected given that the smart speaker was selling for $99 mere days ago.

We’ve asked Google for comment.

There’s no guarantee this amounts to a discontinuation of the speaker. We’ve seen devices listed as unavailable before, only to return to sale soon afterward (including a recent situation where the HomePod was briefly “sold out”). It wouldn’t be surprising if Google did phase out the Home, however. Google introduced this speaker back in 2016 — a lot has changed in four years, including a larger speaker lineup from Google itself as well as improved competition. This device is showing its age, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was dropped or replaced.

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