Get two Google Nest Hubs for the price of one, again

QVC is selling a two-pack of Google’s smart display for $100.

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If you need help mastering new recipes or a new way to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, Google’s Nest Hub might be a good quarantine purchase. The Google smart display usually costs $100, but QVC is currently selling a two-pack for $100. We’ve seen the same two-for-one deal in the past, so if you missed it last week or earlier this year, you’re getting another chance.

Buy Nest Hub 2-Pack at QVC - $100

The Nest Hub (87) has most of the features you want in a smart display, but it stands out for a few key reasons. For starters, the 7-inch display is smaller than many other smart displays, even the Google-powered variety. That helps give the Nest Hub a sleek, minimalist design. Most notably, the device doesn’t have a camera, which could be especially appealing to the more privacy-minded folks.

The display itself is colorful and sharp, and it has an intelligent light sensor that adjusts to the surroundings. The Nest Hub packs features like the ability to play YouTube videos, get step-by-step cooking instructions and check in on your other Nest devices. Since it doesn’t have a camera, you obviously can’t make video calls. 

When it comes to sound, it’s a case of quantity, not quality. The Nest Hub is loud enough to play your podcasts and audiobooks, but it doesn’t have the full, smooth sound needed to do your favorite albums justice.

In addition to QVC’s 2-for-1 offer, first-time shoppers can get an additional $10 off with the code WELCOME, which will drop the price to just $90. Then you can decide whether you want to divide your Nest Hubs in different rooms or if you’d like to share one with a friend.

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