'Pixel Pass' might be Google's answer to the Apple One bundle

You'd get a Pixel 6 as part of the package.


Google's Pixel 6 might be notable for how you buy it, not just what it offers. Tech news veteran M. Brandon Lee claims to have leaked details of a "Pixel Pass" subscription that would bundle phone payments with an Apple One-style service bundle. Your one monthly fee would include both a Pixel 6 as well as an extended warranty, Google One, Play Pass and YouTube Music/Premium. You could attach it to Google Fi if you wanted, but there would be a version for users who want to choose another carrier.

It's not clear how much a Pixel Pass would cost. The leaked document suggests it might be US-only, although we wouldn't rule out launches in countries where full One, Play Pass and YouTube services are available. Lee obtained separate information suggesting the up-front EU pricing would start at €649 (about $750) for the regular Pixel 6 and €899 ($1,040) for the Pixel 6 Pro.

The advantage to Google would be clear: it could persuade Pixel 6 buyers to pay for services they'd otherwise skip, giving the company recurring revenue instead of a one-time sale. It might also discourage you from jumping to a rival phone by making it more expensive to switch. Not that you'll necessarily mind. This might soften the blow of buying the new Android flagship, particularly if you were already planning to subscribe to at least one Google service.