Google Search will help you find live sports coverage

The mobile feature is available today for NBA and MLB games.

Pool via Getty Images

As professional sports attempt a comeback, Google is rolling out a new feature that should make it easier to watch live games. Beginning today, when you type a phrase like “where to watch the Clippers game” into Search on your phone, Google will tell you which services are showing the game. If there are live TV options in your area, you’ll see a “Live on” button.

While the feature is available today it isn’t exactly complete. At the moment, it only works for NBA and MLB teams. Google says it plans to add other leagues. The tool only shows the “Live on” button for cable and network channels, but Google plans to add more digital streaming options. The feature does show other relevant info like live scores, top scores and standings.

Google is also improving Search’s ability to recommend TV shows and movies. Last year, Google introduced a search feature on mobile that let users swipe through carousels of content from their streaming subscriptions. Now, Google is adding live content from cable and broadcast providers. Users can browse linear TV alongside streamed content, and they’ll be able to see what’s on TV now and what’s airing soon.