Watch Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flight here at 10:30AM ET (updated)

Tune it to catch the Unity 22 mission.

Virgin Galactic

Later today, Virgin Galactic will attempt to fly its founder and billionaire Richard Branson, as well as five other individuals, to the edge of space. You can watch the entire Unity 22 mission unfold here, the company’s website, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The company hasn’t released an itemized schedule for Sunday’s flight yet. But should Virgin Galactic stick to its usual flight plan, the entire mission should take about 90 minutes. Either way, the official livestream is currently slated to start at 10:30AM ET.

Unity 22 will be Virgin Galactic’s fourth crewed flight. Outside of beating Jeff Bezos to space, the stated purpose of the mission is to evaluate the SpaceShipTwo’s cabin environment, seat comfort and the overall experience it will offer to customers. If the flight is a success, the company plans to complete two additional test flights before starting paid flights next year.

Update 7/11 9:10AM ET: Virgin has delayed the flight from 9AM ET to 10:30AM ET due to overnight weather.