HP's newest Chromebooks have 14-inch screens and 11th-gen Intel CPUs

The mid-range laptops are

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Saqib Shah
May 25, 2021 8:00 AM
HP Chromebook

HP has released a range of Chromebooks over the years, from budget convertible laptops to pricier productivity-oriented devices. Today, it's adding two 14-inch notebooks to its ranks with iterative updates aimed at hybrid workers. The Pro c640 G2 laptops feature Intel's latest 11th-gen processors coupled with Intel Iris X graphics, which should provide a significant boost in the processing department. At 16.55 mm thick, they're also HP's thinnest-ever Chromebooks and around as slim as the premium ASUS CX9

But — with prices starting from $419 for the regular model and $569 for the enterprise version (with a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade thrown in) — they lack the flashier features found on high-end Chromebooks. You won't find a QLED screen here, for example. Instead, you'll have to settle for a HD or optional full HD display. Those willing to fork out more can also purchase a range of extras including touchscreen support, a fingerprint sensor and a backlight.  

HP Chromebook

Internally, you can equip the machines with up to 16GB memory and 256GB of storage. And to make cleaning a tad simpler, HP says you can use household wipes on the laptops without worrying about breaking the screen. While the spill-resistant keyboard can handle up to 350ml of liquid. There's also support for Wifi 6 to help you take advantage of higher internet speeds at home. And, for video calls, HP has added an 88-degree webcam (with a privacy shutter) paired with dual microphones.

Both the HP Pro C640 G2 Chromebook and its Enterprise counterpart are available to purchase today.

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