HTC updates Vive Sync to let non-VR participants attend virtual meetings

They'll still need to use VR-capable PCs, though.


HTC has rolled out its first major Vive Sync update, and one of the features it’s adding to the VR collaboration tool is the ability to welcome non-VR participants in virtual meetings. “Sometimes, you can’t take a meeting in headset,” the tech giant wrote in its announcement post. The new feature allows users to attend sessions even without a VR device, and they can still voice chat with workmates, take screenshots and record everything from their PC.

Since non-VR participants won’t have avatars present, meeting rooms will now have a display board listing their names to keep everyone aware of who’s in the session. HTC is hoping that the feature can make Sync meetings accessible to more people and can remove “any friction when members can’t easily get into VR.” That said, non-VR participants still have to use a VR—compatible computer, which could still limit participation.

In addition, HTC has introduced new casual outfit options for customizable avatars to better reflect how people dress, including new jeans and tops. Plus, the Sync update adds the ability to log in to meetings through a desktop, so participants will no longer have memorize meeting IDs and passwords to enter sessions with their headsets on.

HTC’s Vive Sync entered open beta in April, providing businesses a way to hold meetings in VR in the middle of coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders. Earlier this month, the company announced that Vive Sync will be part of the Vive XR Suite, an upcoming subscription package consisting of five VR applications that can also be viewed on a PC monitor.