UFC pay-per-view events are now available through ESPN+ on Hulu

You can watch and pay for them directly within the app.


As promised, Disney is adding support for UFC pay-per-view events to Hulu. Starting today, you can purchase access to those directly through the app, though you’ll need to first pay for the ESPN+ add-on or Disney streaming bundle for the privilege. What’s more, the feature is only available to those who get their monthly subscription bill from Hulu. If you pay for the service through Disney, you’ll have to turn to the ESPN website and app instead.

In any case, once you buy access to an event, you’ll find it under a newly added purchases section found under the “My Stuff” tab of Hulu. The first pay-per-view stream Disney will offer through Hulu will be UFC 262, which will take place on May 15th. Disney announced it would integrate ESPN+ into Hulu last year.