IKEA's ASUS ROG gaming collection comes to the US and UK this October

The two companies partnered last year to make affordable furniture and accessories.


Almost exactly a year ago, IKEA announced it was partnering with ASUS’ Republic of Gamers unit to create an affordable collection of gaming furniture and accessories. After debuting in China and Japan, those products are finally making their way to the US and UK on October 1st.

IKEA accessory stand

The collection is made up of six product families: Uppspel, Lånespelare, Matchspel, Gruppsel, Utespelare and Huvudspelare. Of those, IKEA designed the first one in direct collaboration with ASUS, while the others it created on its own with insights it gleaned from working with the company.

The collection includes everything from furniture like gaming chairs and desks to handy accessories like a mouse bungee and ring light. Pricing starts at $6.49 for the most affordable item, a mouse pad with a polyester top layer, and goes all the way up to $599 for an adjustable gaming desk.

IKEA Uppspel pegboard accessory set

In practice, some of the items in the collection represent “gamified” versions of existing IKEA products. Take the Uppspel pegboard, for instance. It features the same dimensions as the company’s Skådis pegboard, but you’ll pay an extra $3 for it because of its more aggressive finish. That's the kind of upsell that comes with a lot of gaming products (see: every RGB-infused device ever), but most of the collection does live up to IKEA's affordable billing.

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